Can I Teach High School With an Elementary Education Degree?

If you are thinking about teaching in a high school, you’ll need to get your license first. There are several ways to obtain a high school teaching license, including a Master of Teaching in Secondary English. You can also consider the Integrated Teacher Education Programs (ITEP) pathway. This will prepare you for licensure as well as the unique challenges of teaching in high school. To learn more about this, please read on.

Bachelor of Elementary Education

Most bachelor’s degree programs in elementary education prepare you to become a teacher in a secondary school. However, some programs require you to have a bachelor’s degree and an additional year of continuing education. You can also choose to get a multiple subject credential. This credential is most often used in elementary schools, but it is also useful if you want to teach several subjects. You will typically need to complete approximately 120 hours of coursework and four years of full-time study. You will also spend time in a classroom as a student teacher, under the supervision of a fully licensed mentor. This way, you will be able to get hands-on experience with children while receiving guidance from experienced educators.

Many elementary education degrees also include certification, which is required in the state where you wish to teach. Each state has different requirements for certification, so you need to check with the state Department of Education to ensure that your degree is accepted in your state. You should note that many elementary education degree programs offer a supervised student teaching experience. If you are enrolled in an online elementary education degree program, the requirements will be very similar to those in a traditional school. Moreover, the online programs will provide you with the same professors and resources that you would find at a traditional college.

Master of Teaching in Secondary English

The Master of Teaching in Secondary English for elementary education program focuses on effective practice and theory in the field of elementary education. It prepares students for leadership roles in education and community service. Students will learn about varying approaches to teaching children of different backgrounds and languages. They will also examine bilingual education history and legislation. The course is complemented by an immersive practicum experience. Students can apply what they learn in the classroom in their future teaching jobs.

The Master of Teaching in Secondary English for elementary education program prepares English teachers to cultivate a love of learning in students. It prepares teachers to teach a diverse group of learners and help students develop a love of learning. Students enrolled in this program develop critical thinking skills and are prepared for teacher licensure. Those who want to teach English in a foreign country should choose the degree that matches their goals.

Integrated Teacher Education Programs (ITEP) pathway

Students majoring in Liberal Studies can earn a Bachelor of Arts in Education and a teaching credential through an Integrated Teacher Education Program. This program combines coursework in the seven core subject areas of the K-8 curriculum with general education, breadth of study, and professional preparation for teaching requirements. Coursework also emphasizes critical thinking and cultural sensitivity. During the course of their undergraduate education, students also build their professional network.

Students in Integrated Teacher Education Programs have extensive classroom experiences, which fulfills California’s 600-hour clinical experience requirement. Candidates who complete the program are fully prepared for the role of a classroom teacher and contribute to the solution of the state’s ongoing teacher shortage. For more information, visit the Cal State Apply Teaching Credential site. Interested high school and community college students can find information about the program.

Getting a high school teaching license

If you are looking to become a high school teacher, you may have already completed your undergraduate degree in elementary education or secondary education. However, in order to teach high school students, you will need to obtain a master’s degree in education. This degree will help you prepare for a career in secondary education. The following are the requirements to get a teaching license in your state:

The first step in becoming a high school teacher is to complete a bachelor’s degree program in the subject you wish to teach. This degree usually requires a minimum of five years. The degree should include a minor in the subject you wish to teach. You can also obtain a high school teaching license without completing a separate teaching training program. Finally, you must take and pass the licensing exams.

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