What Education is Needed to Become a High School Teacher?

There are many different reasons to become a high school teacher, and one of the most common is the pay. However, if you are not sure how to become a high school teacher, the following information may help you. You can learn about the Master’s degree, Certification, training, and salary requirements, as well as the typical job description for a high school teacher. You can also explore your career interests and goals by visiting a teacher’s union website.

Master’s degree

There are many ways to become a high school teacher. Many individuals choose to major in education while in college, but others may decide to teach after earning a bachelor’s degree in another field. While a bachelor’s degree in education is often required to work in the field, many states also require teachers to earn a master’s degree within a certain time frame. To get started, you should look into the requirements in your state.

Regardless of your reason for pursuing a career in education, there are numerous opportunities for growth in this field. According to CareerOneStop, the demand for high school teachers is projected to increase by 4% between 2018 and 2028. However, keep in mind that this growth rate includes only new job openings, not attrition or retirement. In addition, job growth and employment rates will differ by state. Maine are the most likely to experience a decline in high school teacher jobs, while job growth is projected to remain consistent in all other states. Also, if you plan on teaching in high poverty areas, you should be aware that you may face a lower job market than in other areas of the country.


The requirements for certification as a high school teacher vary from state to state. In most cases, you must complete the General Teaching Knowledge (GTK) exam and the content area exam in order to begin teaching in your state. These two exams cover the fundamentals of teaching and include information on general education, curriculum, behavioral interventions, state law, and ethics. In addition, you must demonstrate your knowledge in specific academic areas. This process can take up to two years, depending on the number of years of experience and degree program completion.

To become a high school teacher, you must have a bachelor’s degree in the subject area you plan to teach. In addition, a growing number of states now require secondary-level teachers to earn a master’s degree within the first two years of employment. You must have taken courses related to education in your undergraduate program, including courses in teaching methods and child and adolescent psychology. Alternative certification programs are available in many states and allow returning teachers to take the necessary education-related courses while in the job market.


During their training to become a high school teacher, prospective educators will learn about the responsibilities of teaching young people. Although high school teachers typically work 40 hours a week, they may also spend the evenings grading assignments and weekends preparing lesson plans. In addition to classroom time, high school teachers may also work in summer school programs and tutor students. Additionally, they may also become involved in coaching sports teams or serving as an advisor to school clubs.

The training requirements for high school teachers vary by state. Generally, you must hold a bachelor’s degree in your chosen subject and have prior experience teaching in an elementary or middle school classroom. Depending on your area, the training typically takes about five years. Many schools require you to take a major in education or another field and then have an undergraduate teaching experience before applying for their licensure exams. In addition to completing your formal education requirements, you will also need to pass the required licensing examinations.


Salary for high school teachers varies widely, but it tends to be more than $48,000 a year for the bottom ten percent of earners. While entry-level teachers make less than $35,000 a year, experienced educators earn up to $97,000 a year. High school teachers in private schools make less than the national average, with a median salary of $56,490, compared to $101,130 for the top ten percent.

Educators earn very good salaries, as they usually work long hours for seven days a week. In addition, they enjoy two months of paid vacation, but most teachers work additional hours, often outside of their paid “school time.” This means they spend their summers taking part in professional development programs and upgrading their own education. According to Forbes magazine, one in four teachers works 60 hours a week. If you’re considering teaching as a career, check out the salary options in each state.

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