Don’t Let Schooling Interfere With Your Education

There is no reason why you cannot further your education outside of school. Mark Twain, Grant Allen, and other great American authors have all advocated this, and the quote has become very popular. However, if you have ever pondered why schooling is so important, you will probably agree with some of their statements. The world outside the classroom can teach you more than a textbook ever could.

Mark Twain

While many people associate the quote “Don’t let schooling interfere with your education” with Mark Twain, it actually originated from an academic. Grant Allen, a contemporary of Twain’s, wrote the maxim half a dozen times and later became a professor at Oxford. Hermina Herminia was another author who didn’t let schooling interfere with her education. She taught English in a girl’s school in London and did literary hack-work for newspapers.

Grant Allen

Mark Twain and Grant Allen are known to have both advocated not letting schooling get in the way of one’s education. Both authors and academics have embraced Grant Allen’s view on education. In “Eyes and No Eyes,” Grant Allen’s characters learn about nature and become more independent. But the author did not write the story himself. He wrote a didactic short story that appeared in a multi-volume collection of children’s stories.

Mark Twain’s advice on schooling

Mark Twain was a famous American writer, humorist, publisher, and lecturer. He gained worldwide acclaim for his novels such as “The Adventures of Tom Sawyer” and “Huckleberry Finn”. Twain’s advice on schooling doesn’t interfere with your education is particularly relevant in today’s world, especially when you’re facing the increasing cost of tuition.

The world outside the classroom

The world outside the classroom doesn’t interfere with your education, as long as you keep a healthy balance. After all, the world outside the classroom teaches you so many different things, but there is a right amount of schooling, too. Here are some tips to make sure the world outside your classroom doesn’t interfere with your education. You may be surprised at just how much you can learn outside of school.

Mark Twain’s view of education

While it might be difficult to believe, the genius of American literature, Mark Twain, did not complete his formal education beyond the elementary level. His cynicism about our mediocre education system is reflected in his writing. He believed that schooling and education are two completely different things. As a result, he warned against blind faith in our education system. Moreover, this article explores the differences between learning and schooling.

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