How to List High School Education on Resume

When listing your high school education, you must always be truthful. Don’t embellish or falsify information on your resume. Also, make sure to include all the relevant details, including dates of your graduation and GPA. This section of your resume should highlight any special courses you’ve taken. For example, AP courses, Honors courses, and Dual Credits are excellent options to document. Using an example from your high school education can help you get started.

Do not embellish

If you’re putting together your high school education on your resume, there are several mistakes you should avoid. In addition to including irrelevant information, you should also include relevant courses, papers or projects, and any advanced placement courses you took. You should also list two to four skills that you possess. These skills will make your resume stand out to potential employers. Here are some examples of mistakes to avoid:

While you should be honest about your education on your resume, don’t overdo it. Listing only high school education on your resume can make you look underqualified and young. In addition, listing an incomplete education can make you appear underqualified. If you don’t have a college degree, you can supplement your education section with relevant training or omit it altogether. If you want to highlight your education, make sure that it is relevant to the job you’re applying for.

Don’t falsify

If you have a foreign degree, be extra careful. Falsifying credentials is easy, so if you’re applying for a job, be sure to check that your diploma matches the requirements. While verification of education history is important, it should not be your only concern. Checking your background can reveal any past employment, credit history, or criminal records that could cause problems down the road. Don’t falsify your high school education on resume!

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Another big red flag for employers is if you fail to mention your education. While employers often scan resumes quickly, a high school education should be listed at the top. This tells hiring managers that you’ve finished at least high school, which is important for most jobs. Furthermore, if you’ve attended college, make sure to include all the relevant details, as employers will verify your educational background by comparing your transcripts to your resume.

Don’t embellish

You should be careful about how you present your education on your resume. The purpose of a resume is to make you appear attractive to an employer, so be honest about your achievements. If your high school education was a little less impressive than you would have liked, you should not embellish this section of your resume. In fact, you should only list it on your resume if it was your highest level of education. In case your resume contains more than one degree, you don’t have to list it all.

While it is fine to play up your skills and experience, it is not a good idea to embellish your high school education. In this age of the Internet, you can easily detect embellishments. Therefore, you should consider the consequences of lying on your resume before you include any false information. While lying on your resume isn’t a crime, it is an unacceptable way to present yourself. If you want to be taken seriously by an employer, don’t embellish your resume.

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