Why Do You Put High School Education on Your Resume?

Why do you put high school education on your resume? You will be able to make a strong case for your education by mentioning awards and GPA. Your high school education shows that you’re dedicated to reaching your goals. It also shows potential employers that you put a lot of work into your education. Here are some ways to list high school awards on your resume. Read on to learn more about how to add them.

Why you should include high school education on your resume

Whether you’re just out of high school or are a college graduate, it’s important to list your high school education on your resume. Many applicant tracking systems (ATS) look for this information when scanning resumes. Having a high school education will show employers that you have ambition and a strong work ethic. It will help you stand out from the crowd. Here are some tips to get the most out of your resume.

Adding awards and other accomplishments from high school shows you’re someone who works hard to reach your goals

If you’re looking for a job in a similar field as your college years, adding awards and other achievements from high school to your resume is a good idea. They’ll show employers that you’re goal-oriented and have worked hard to earn the recognition. Be sure to list your awards in chronological order, with a date for each.

Adding GPA

Adding your GPA to your resume is a simple process. Usually people add their GPA in the education section, or in the awards and achievements section. While these two sections can contain your GPA, you do not necessarily have to list your GPA in your education section. You should include it in a subsection called “Awards and Honors,” if you wish. You can also include your GPA in a different section of your resume, if you wish.

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Adding awards

Adding awards to your high school education on a resume is a smart move. They demonstrate hard work, and they show that you have the drive to achieve goals. It’s important to list your achievements in chronological order, and include the date you earned them. If you won any awards in high school, list them below the “Awards and Honors” line. However, if you have won no awards while in high school, do not include them.

Adding creative achievements

Adding creative achievements to a high school education resume can be difficult, but it can also help you land your dream job. For the most part, you should focus on two to four experiences you’ve had while in high school. Include the details of each experience, such as what you did and what you learned, and make sure to include your specific role and responsibilities. Adding these kinds of experiences is the hardest part of writing a resume, but it can make the difference between getting a job and losing it.

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