Can You Teach High School With an Elementary Education Degree?

Are you interested in teaching high school? If so, you can take advantage of alternative routes to certification. These include Credential programs and field experience. But before you make this decision, it is important to understand your options. In this article, we will discuss what these routes entail. First, you must graduate from high school. You can also work as an assistant teacher or substitute teacher while you’re pursuing your certification.

Alternative route to certification

For those who already have an elementary education degree and would like to teach in the high school classroom, an alternative route to certification may be the best option. This program offers initial certification after completing the required coursework. Applicants must pass an academic content assessment and complete the equivalent of 240 hours of training. Alternatively, they can apply to a school district for a provisional license, which gives them three years to complete the required coursework for educator certification.

Requirements for obtaining a bachelor’s degree

If you have a love for teaching and are interested in becoming an elementary school teacher, you can choose to pursue a bachelor’s degree in elementary education. In order to become a teacher, you must pass various exams. These tests range from subject knowledge to basic skills. Some states also require applicants to take a pedagogy exam, which tests practical teaching skills. Make sure you know the requirements in your state before taking any exams.

Field experience

Community-based field experiences allow for unique opportunities to stretch adolescent thinking and learning. The principal of CPMS, for example, emphasized the importance of experiential education. Teachers agreed that public museum schools offered “exposure to possibility” to their students. This article describes the value of community-based field experiences for aspiring elementary school teachers. Listed below are some ideas for engaging your community in meaningful learning.

Credential programs

If you’re looking for a job in the high school system, Credential programs for teaching high schools with an elementary education degree are available. These programs are designed to help you become a certified teacher and work in a variety of settings. The TEACH California website can provide you with information on how to become a teacher and the different types of credential programs available. This website also offers links to important resources and public resources.

Job outlook

There are many benefits to teaching in an elementary school. In addition to the pay and job security, teachers receive over twelve weeks of annual vacation. Summer work can significantly boost your salary, and many people choose this option to pursue other interests. If this sounds like the career for you, consider teaching summer school, tutoring, or leading summer programs at community centers. While there are challenges associated with summer teaching, the rewards can make it well worth your while.

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