Top 5 Mind-blowing Student Deals of June 2020

Summer is here and it is time for blazing-hot student deals! Whether you are in school or at home this summer, you can take advantage of the many online discounts for self-improvement. Here are 5 of the most exciting deals available to students this June:

1. Mondly Language Learning App

Perlego is the equivalent of Google Play but only for books. And now you can gain access to their extensive online library for a reasonable subscription fee. Students can enjoy a 14-day free trial and a discount on the monthly and annual subscription plans.

2. Evernote 

Increase your productivity no matter where you are with this well known note-taking app. Enjoy a 50% discount on your annual Evernote Premium.

3. Xfinity 

Stay connected at all times. You will remain entertained with the Xfinity Stream app with fast WiFi and a $150 VISA Prepaid Card. Prove that you are a student to unlock more exciting features, including a free installation kit.

4. Wozber

Increase your chances of employment with this free resume builder. All features and benefits are completely free of charge.

5. Lucidchart 

Lucidchart provides a functional and easy-to-use interface to students of all academic levels. Also, teachers and leaders of educational institutions can explain complex concepts. They can also properly analyze learning techniques using mind maps, timetables, and Venn diagrams. Register now for free with a valid educational email address and initiate your digital learning campaign.

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