Why Is Physical Education Important in Schools?

Research shows that students with high levels of physical fitness demonstrate improved attention, impulse control, and task-based behavior. School districts that provide physical education often experience less disruption in their daily operations. Students with high physical fitness scores also have improved attendance rates, which correlates to fewer disciplinary incidents. Additionally, […]

Why is Health Education Important in Schools?

The reason why health education is important in schools is because students face numerous life transitions that can affect their health. Students’ bodies go through puberty, move from one school to another, and face many changes in their lives. These events, including the introduction of new food items and changing […]

Why Music Education is Being Cut From Schools

Many parents and teachers argue that music education is essential for our children’s development, and it improves language and motor skills, as well as test scores. But why is music education being cut from schools? Eloy Adame, a trumpet player and former music teacher, is attempting to build an instrumental […]