Why is Art Education Important in Schools?

The importance of art education in the curriculum is well-established, but the question remains, why is it important for students? Many benefits are linked to art education, including increased motivation, teamwork and social skills. The Arts Education Partnership (AEP), a nonprofit advocacy organization, suggests that students who study the arts […]

How Do Employers Verify High School Education?

How do employers verify high school education? Typically, employers use an external party to perform this check. The objective of this step is to screen out job applicants who use fake diplomas or embellish their resumes with false information. It is imperative for prospective job seekers to be honest about […]

Can You Teach High School Without an Education Degree?

Do you have a Master’s degree in education? If not, you can still become a teacher without an education degree. There are several ways to teach without an education degree, including alternative licensure programs, substitute teaching, and private schools. The following article will cover some of these options. Once you’ve […]

Why Is It Important to Have Physical Education in School?

PE programs in schools involve movement produced by the contraction of skeletal muscles. These activities substantially increase energy expenditure. Physical activity during PE programs is promoted through intramural and athletic programs. Moreover, recess periods provide students with a time to engage in unstructured physical activity. Some research suggests that students […]