My Success Story: How To Work And To Study In College

Our follower shared his life story, hoping it would become an inspiration for all the couch potato students reading this. Spoiler alert! As it turns out, it is possible to combine both work and education without failing somewhere at long last. But hush, dear friend! Let’s keep that between us…

Here is a typical soliloquy from a student who passed his finals despite staying busy (far away from his books) for more than half of the semester.

“The third year of my higher education turned out to be the toughest one. I had a thorn in my side – thanks to my massive college debt. I had to eat the cheapest food available on the market like pasta, Ramen, rice – you get the gist already.

So, naturally, I thought about getting a job ‒ any kind of job. I was ready to wash the dishes after lectures just for a minimum wage. What other choice do I have as a student?

Then one day I received a letter in my mail. A large IT company asked me to come for an interview ‒ still not sure how they tracked me down. Maybe, it was from one of the hundreds of applications I sent randomly while I was looking for a job desperately, but who knows tho.

Naturally, I was there right on schedule. The company “saw the potential” in me, so I received an offer – something lite. The team was awesome, the capabilities were massive. Moreover, coding was my hobby since I turned on the computer for the first time. So, it was a great experience even for the future ‒ trust me, if you saw the name of this company in one of your candidate’s resumes, you wouldn’t hesitate to invite them for an interview.

I understand that this wasn’t my most clear-sighted decision. The following month turned out to be hell. I got only 3 hours of sleep to make it to everywhere on time. Yes, this way you can combine work and study without compromising anything, except for your body, apparently.

I couldn’t last a month on such a rigid daily routine. Short naps, quick breakfast, multiple lectures, work-work-work, home, and then repeat. I understood that something had to change when I accidentally slept for 15 hours straight missing both my classes and my work shift.

The decision came by itself ‒ I was really drawn and fascinated by my job, so it started to take more and more time in my life. Soon I entirely forgot about college. The sobering moment came when I realized I would be kicked out soon.

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However, the solution to my problems came unexpectedly. My boss found out about my plans and had a small chat with me. He convinced me to carry on and secure my degree. I will forever remain grateful to him for this website he shared with me. These guys helped me a lot when there was literally no time for a meal or quick sleep. I’ve spent days studying my courses, writing my papers, and completing missed assignments. Somehow, I managed to finish the year without getting expelled (which was all I wished for). Professors were not happy with my sudden desire for studying, but couldn’t do anything since all my essays, theses, and presentations were outstanding.

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That year turned out to be a learning experience for me, and for you, reader, too ‒ at least I hope.

First of all, do not leave all your assignments ‘till the last week. Trust me, the future will definitely torture you for such a “favor.”

Secondly, there’s nothing wrong in asking for help. For some reason, students feel like it’s taboo ‒ but if the work is good and unique, then what can go wrong? Such services are not a solution to your every problem but they will definitely help you a lot while you give your all to find a solution by yourself.

And, finally, education is extremely important. It’s a literal ticket to a slew of career opportunities.

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If you find yourself in a situation similar to mine, start doing something ASAP ‒ there’s no chance that the problem will disappear magically.

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  1. My prof always told me that students are those who deserve all the tea and sympathy. just gonna leave it here

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