Awesome Examples of Attention Grabbers for Essays

An attention grabber is a part of the essay that provides the reader with a context on the essay’s direction. It is commonly referred to as the essay hook because it ‘hooks’ the reader to find out more. 

The essay hook should always be part of the introductory paragraph because most readers go straight to the introduction in an essay. So, it is essential to capture their attention from the onset. 

The most effective attention getters for essays

Whenever you’re writing an essay, the object of foremost importance is clarity and relatability. An attention grabber can only be effective if it addresses the issue clearly. Also, the reader will resonate with the message if they can relate to it. 

So, here are some effective essay hooks for any essay.

1.Question hook
Asking an open-ended question creates a higher level of anticipation in the reader’s mind. Try to come up with a thought-provoking question that will make the reader go, “hmm, let’s see what this is about!”

Example: “Have you ever wondered why polar bears are white in color?”

2. Anecdote
Start the essay with a story related to the topic. A great story can always start the journey for the reader. It doesn’t have to be a real story; a well-crafted fictional narrative will evoke an emotional response. 

3. Famous quotes
A quote from a famous person can always serve as a good attention grabber. Once the reader identifies with the quote, they will gravitate towards the rest of the paper. However, using generic quotes can backfire. Find a relevant, thought-provoking quote and incorporate it into your introduction. 

4. Comparison
A comparison is a marvelous tool for explaining complicated concepts to people. Explaining rugby as football(soccer) played with hands will help the reader develop a mental image of what the sport entails. 

For example: “Polar bears are like giant pandas without black patches.”

5. Humor
A perfectly-timed joke is always an effective icebreaker in conversations. In writing, a good joke can relieve the reader’s hesitance to your ideas. Alternatively, a bad joke will completely turn off the reader from what you have to say.

Attention grabbers are important tools in essay writing. Impress your readers from the start by presenting a relatable front from the onset. Choose the relevant hook according to your essay’s subject for more effect.

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