A Collection Of Good Essay Topics About Animals

So, I think that you are in the process of writing an awesome essay about the animals in zoos, but thus far we need to understand the necessity and conditions of animals in zoos first so that we can reflect the clear picture in our essay.

The question arises that whether to put animals behind the bars are good or bad? What are the hygienic conditions of the zoos and how far they can go to protect the animals or else maybe these zoos become the chamber for punishing animals?

I even see Tigers not getting the enough food, looking so weak and striving for death.

Animals in the zoos require proper medical care also, but the question is, are they getting enough medical care too?

So these are some of the questions, queries or heart touching facts, arises in my mind about the animals in the zoos.

But, On the other hand, there are some zoos which take proper care of animals, animals residing there are happy and cheerful.

So, before writing on the topics related to animals in zoos, one need to research thoroughly about the situations of animals in zoos, both positive and negative. It will help you to write clearly and help you to elaborate all the facts and figures related to situations, good or bad of the animals in zoos.

By the way, here is the list of some of the coolest essay topics that I think might be helpful for you on the topic related to an animal in zoos.

  1. Discuss the pros and cons of protecting animals in zoos.
  2. Are zoos good or bad for animals?
  3. Is it inhumane to cage the animals in zoos?
  4. What can be done to ensure that animals get proper care in zoos?
  5. Zoos help in protecting endangered species. Comment
  6. Do you think that the Zoo should be bigger and bigger, and if yes then why?
  7. How much public funding should be invested on zoos?
  8. Why should zoos be banned?
  9. What are the significant change that we found in the behavior of the animals kept in zoos? Comment
  10. Is it good or bad to put animals behind bars?

The list of topics that I have mentioned above are some of the possible ideas that you can go with. Also you can try to find more topics by doing more research on the internet, but I think I have covered most of the interesting topics.

Identify What You Are Interested In

Do you have a favorite animal? When coming up with a persuasive essay concept for your paper this may be a good place to begin.

For any persuasive essay you want to think about your own interests first so that you don’t get bored. Once you have identified something you may actually enjoy writing about the next step is to narrow it down.

What Are Some Issues That You Could Discuss?

Considering your paper on animals’ again- you decided that your favorite animal is a dog and you want to write your paper on a persuasive essay topic related to dogs.

The next step is to consider some issues that would be debated on the subject of dogs. For example: Should owners before forced to neuter and spay their dogs? Should it be law that owners must vaccinate their dogs? Is it fair that dog owners have to pay for licenses?

All of these questions could have two perspectives, making them appropriate for a persuasive essay discussion.

What Is Your Stance on the Issue?

After you have identified a great topic for debate the next step is to identify your own feelings on the topic. Before you do this, you should conduct some preliminary research. This is where you investigate the subject a little bit in order to better understand it. Then, you formulate a fact-based opinion.

This opinion will become your position for your persuasive paper! Now you need to figure out a way to support your point of view with research and examples.

Find Some Evidence To Back It Up

At last, you have reached the final step to figuring out a great persuasive essay topic for your paper about animals. However, you can’t start writing it quite yet. First, you must do some thorough research and find some examples that you can use in your essay to support your main point. Take some time to do some reading and find some strong evidence that agrees with the position that you have taken. Then, using your writing skills to debate the issue. Remember the goal of any persuasive essay is to convince the reader to agree with the author’s perspective.

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